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CatCoin is a United Kingdom-based community-driven meme coin[5][8] project on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).[11][13][14][17][18][19][21][22][24] It offers utility services, including a marketing wallet,[3] reflections for $CATS holders, staking Pools, NFT collections, and interactive/education crypto games.[1][7][15] CatCoin is the founding sponsor of the Cats for Vets.[9][12][15]

Overview and history

Miaoshi Nekomoto founded CatCoin on November 26, 2021,[21][22] as a community-influenced crypto platform[10][11][14][15][16][18][20] with a market cap of approximately $20,000, reaching 70 million today.[1][5][6] Miaoshi renounced it shortly after its launch, and today Catcoin is wholly owned and run by its community.[2][7] 

Since its inception, CatCoin has attracted over 45,000 holders and initiated a centralized exchange[23][24] of OKX and MEXC. It is a multi-signature safe requiring four people to sign off on each transaction before proceeding with feature updates.[1] CatCoin is audited by SOLIDProof and CertiK and has several strategic alliances with organizations, including TUFUNFT, Flooz, Big-G Lottery, Blockchain Brothers, Lasahido, Degem, and Shopping.[2][13]

CatCoin and LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, partnered to ensure its listing in March 2022.[4] Its contract upgrade in May 2022 provides functionality and security on its crypto platform.[6] In addition to being a renounced contract, CatCoin incorporates Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAO) to allow the community to get involved in voting.[23] The DAO enables $CATS holders to vote using their tokens as their voting power.[3][15][24] 

CatCoin participated in the crypto conventions in Dubai and Miami and intends to sponsor the Singapore crypto show in June 2022.[3][5] 


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